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Ashton Heritage Robusto Single

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It is not full bodied but is as rich in taste and satisfying in all respect.

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Ashton Heritage Robusto Single

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The Ashton Heritage Puro Sol is the latest edition to the Ashton line-up. It is a special blend created by the Fuentes and enveloped by a unique and rare Cameroon wrapper grown by Rick Meerapfel, the largest Cameroon wrapper grower. This cigar is very special and extremely limited. It is a rare combination of balance, flavor and complexity. It is not full bodied but is as rich in taste and satisfying in all respect.

Brand Ashton Cigars
Strength Medium
Box Count 1
Ring Gauge 50
Length 5.5
Wrapper Cameroon

Wrapper: African Cameroon
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Size: 5.75 x 46 “Corona Gorda”
Body: Medium
Price: $10.50 MSRP ($8.35 at Stogie Boys)



Today we take a look at the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol generously donated by Sheryl King at Stogie Boys.
In Spanish, Puro Sol means “Pure Sun.” The Corona Gorda is the latest size in its lineup of 5 sizes.

From Cigar Aficionado:
“The Ashton Heritage Puro Sol brand combines three landmark cigar families in one delicious cigar. All Ashtons are made by the Fuente family for the Levins, and Ashton is one of the best-known names in cigars. This somewhat off the radar variety, called Puro Sol, is also the only Ashton made with Cameroon wrappers, which come from the Meerapfel family, the leading name in Cameroon tobacco.”

It ranked #7 in CA’s Top 10 for 2012 and #10 in their 2008 Top 10 list. Rated 94.

From the Ashton web site:
“This extraordinary cigar is masterfully blended by the Fuente Family using their finest 100% sun grown tobaccos. A gorgeous, chocolaty Ecuador Habano wrapper hugs a scrumptious bouquet of aged Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. The flavors are enchantingly rich and earthy with subtle traces of caramel and almonds. Every leaf of tobacco used to construct Ashton Heritage is grown in direct sunlight, which intensifies its flavor and aroma. These exquisite cigars are medium-bodied and perfectly balanced with a wonderful richness and profound complexity. If you are looking to romance your palate, then look no further. Ashton Heritage is both noble and eloquent and, without question, most worthy of its heritage.”

Construction is extremely rustic. Tight seams but lots of bulbous veins covering the whole cigar. The triple cap is well executed. The wrapper is a matte finished, slightly oily light brown which is very smooth to the touch.

I clip the cap and find aromas of brown sugar, coffee, spice, toast, and cedar.
Time to light up.

First puffs are sweet and full of espresso and cream. With a touch of cedar. It begins perfectly and if it continues like this, it will be a flavor bomb in no time.


The draw is excellent. And then a big wallop of red pepper hits me in the puss. The cigar wants to be more and can’t wait to get there. Actually, I’m not sure if I’ve smoked the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol before. If I did, it was a long time ago.

Godamm the pusher man…this is a fine cigar before I get to ½” burned. I had already worked out in my head how I was going to tell Sheryl that this was just an OK golf club set. No need.

And speaking of Sheryl, she is so lovely. I have seen her photo. And I was thinking out loud that I should invite her to a weekend in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, I was thinking out loud with my wife of 30 years standing next to me because I wanted to show Charlotte the photo of Sheryl.

Now, see…if I was 34 and said that, I’d be a pig. But because I am almost 65, I’m charming in a dilapidated sort of way.

The flavors are swimming in a circle like sharks readying an attack on a lone swimmer. They are becoming more potent with each puff.

And here they are: Spice, creaminess, coffee, cedar, cinnamon graham crackers, nuts, and caramel.

At 1” burned, we have flavor bomb. I received these samples less than two weeks ago. I did my usual 48 hours of dry boxing and then into a low humidity humidor and voila! Read to go in less than two weeks. Of course, much more marinating time will only improve the nuances and character of the cigar.


But sponsors are like little kids on a family outing in the car. “Ooh, when will we be there? I have to go to the bathroom. Are we there yet?” So my dry box method solves the issue instead of making the sponsor wait two months for their review by which time they have already put a line through my name instead of below it. Movie reference?

I am truly digging this cigar. Sheryl hit it right on the head with the size I like…the corona gorda. They mature so quickly. And the flavors are so intense it makes you want to smother your face in sauerkraut.

The strength is dead nuts medium bodied. I love the smell of a medium bodied cigar in the morning. Smells like…..er…medium bodied. I screwed that one up.

Complexity hits hard at only 1-3/4” burned. And the creaminess makes big strides and moves to the front of the pack barely edging out the spiciness which has my nasal passages so clear you can drive an 18 wheeler through them.

It is a very nice touch to have the espresso element without any chocolate present. The typical Nic puro is just a bundle of cocoa. This mostly Dominican blend with the addition of the Cameroon gives the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol a most unique flavor profile.

I begin the second third with relish. No joke…OK…just one…hold the onions.


The price point. $10.50 is too much. But Stogie Boy’s price of just over $8 is right on the money. This stick has all the qualities of a fine boutique brand. And in fact, it is better than most boutiques I’ve reviewed.

The char line is on point.

A new flavor erupts….butter slathered toast. Creamy and full of wheat. Like me.

Now I did smoke a couple before today. And I paid dearly for it. I smoked one a few days after I got them. Boing! And I smoked one several days later. Double Boing! So it just happened to take a full two weeks to get to the blender’s intent. For smokers on a budget, this is good news. Two weeks is more than acceptable.

And while this is an old school type of cigar, it is certainly not an old school blend. Kudos to Ashton.
The cigar digs even deeper into its field of complexity. Flavors are exuberant and happy. A flavor bomb so quickly makes this stick a real joy. I still have 3-1/4” to enjoy.

Don’t you love it when a stick hits its sweet spot early on instead of the last third? It makes for a wonderful smoking experience. You get to enjoy the nuance and character shifts. The finish is chewy and long. Like me.

I’m putting the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol on my must have list. Luckily, I still have two sticks left. Yum.

The cinnamon graham cracker surges. It over takes the coffee element. Remember in grammar school when you got a single graham cracker? Thank God they gave us some milk to drink with it. Graham crackers are like peanut butter. You don’t dare consume one without something to drink.

Flavors are soaring.

A fruity element appears. It’s cantaloupe. Very mild but undeniably present.

Here are the latest flavors: Creaminess, graham cracker, caramel, coffee, nuts, cantaloupe, cedar, cinnamon, and buttered toast.

In essence, the flavor profile has become a fancy French dessert.

I’m at the halfway point and the cigar remains at classic medium body.


Construction-wise, the cigar is a champ. No touch ups required. And except for the Katman drool covered cap, it is flawless.

I did have trouble removing the cigar band. A little too much glue…the reviewer’s bane for photos. Que Sera Sera.

The cigar is packed just right with tobacco. No difficulty with the draw and it smokes nice and slowly. By the halfway point, I’ve invested 45 minutes.

I noticed that CI is just about out of all their Puro Sols. A popular cigar. But then they charge much more than Stogie Boys. I want to yell at them to come on over to SB and get their fill.

I’m not close to concluding the cigar but I highly recommend this stick as a real treat for the senses. A flavor bomb from the get go.

The cantaloupe disappears but some chocolate shows up for the first time. I grab a Diet Coke for my NYC egg cream experience. Although, it is more of a mocha java egg cream.

egg cream

A bit of nicotine rises its ugly head. Just a little. I’m a real wuss when it comes to nicotine. But then I’ve never smoked a single cigarette.

Back in high school, I stole a cig from my father and took it to an evening rehearsal in drama class. I was in a play. I sat in the car in the parking lot and lit one up. I got three puffs into it and I turned green.

I wobbled into the theater and could barely speak. I was in the middle of a speech when I became violently ill and puked on the stage. Everyone ran for the hills and one girl let loose with a sympathetic vomit episode. So that was my entire history of cigarette smoking. I never understood how cig smokers got past that nicotine sickness and became regular smokers.

The last third begins.

The ash is very sturdy but I’ve been knocking it off for fear of it landing in my lap. I probably didn’t have to do that.


I know the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol isn’t a cheap cigar. But it delivers on all fronts. It is worth every dime.

I would put it in my list of great cigars but because of the price point and it being a regular production cigar, it falls into neither category. Too bad. It should be on one of the lists.

One last time, here are the flavors: Creaminess, graham cracker, coffee, nuts, spice, cocoa, caramel becomes brown sugar, cedar, and buttered multi-grain toast.

Then, out of nowhere, the red pepper makes a run for the border. My eyes water, my nose runs, and my sinuses are clear.

The strength barely touches the hem of medium/full.

I finish the cigar wanting another one.

The Ashton Heritage Puro Sol is a great cigar. It deserves the high praise and 94 rating that Cigar Aficionado gave it.
Tell Stogie Boys that the Katman sent you.


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