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Cut & Light - Quad Torch Lighter w/ built in Punch - RED

Cut & Light - Quad Torch Lighter w/ built in Punch - RED

Product Review (submitted on September 11, 2017):
Great feel in the hand, solid construction with useful features. Adjustable butane flow dial is finger friendly with a flip up tab to easily turn the dial; no screw driver necessary! Retractable punch cut is sharp and it has a smooth motion when engaging it. A designed clean out feature keeps the blade clean and out of the way with a lock out slot to ensure it's safe. Big reservoir to fuel a HUGE quad flame. The flame is clearly visible yet not even remotely wind-proof. A soft breath easily puts out the flame.

The only major drawback is a flawed flip top. When you press the igniter button, it flips open a top cover which works perfectly. A long toast will heat up the top portion of the unit, but understandably so. Unfortunately, when I put the lighter in my pocket the first night I had it, the top flipped open in my pocket and the die cast metal top broke off of the lighter. I was left with a broken lighter and some scrap metal. I'll have to use this as a table top lighter for now. I received this as a monthly Smokin Cigar Club subscriber so it's not a huge loss; I'm glad I had the opportunity to try it out.

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