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Riot 55 Box

Dominican made and quickly becoming a top pick, Riot cigars are one of the newest to come from Jose Dominguez.

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Riot 55 Box

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NEW BRAND!  Introductory Pricing, Limited Time!

Cigar industry critics love Riot!  Take a look at the overwhelmingly positive reviews Riot has received in just a few short months.

Riot is a 5 country blend, sporting top quality long filler tobaccos from 5 different countries:

 Wrapper –       Mexico, San Andreas

 Binder –          Indonesian Sumatra

 Filler - Brazilian Matafina

                        PA Broadleaf

                        Dominican Piloto

Impeccably blended and handmade in the Dominican Republic, Riot delivers smooth, warm flavor without the bite of typical medium-full bodied cigars.  The No-Cut Cap on the Riot cigars is a crowd pleaser too.  The only premium cigar like it, this one requires no cutter.  Simply pinch the end and the cap pops open for a perfect opening every time!

See why all the experts love it, try Riot today.

Brand Riot Cigars
Strength Medium-Full
Box Count 20
Ring Gauge 54
Length 5.5
Wrapper Maduro

Wrapper: Maduro
Binder: Dominican Dark Leaf
Filler: Dominican Dark Leaf, Nicaraguan Dark Leaf (Equal Portions)
Size: 5 x 54 “RIOT 55-Figurado”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $3.75 by the Single – $3.10 by a 20 Count Box – $2.46 by a 50 Count Bundle

Make sure you read the review to the bottom because there is a surprise waiting.



From Stogie Boys web site:
“Dominican made and quickly becoming a top pick, RIOT cigars are one of the newest to come from Jose Dominguez. Medium to full bodied, these cigars rival many, but as we all know in the cigar world, there is no need to pick just one. With a smooth even draw the bold flavor flows wonderfully over your palate. Consistent to the very last puff, after smoking just one, RIOT will become a staple in your humidor!”

This is my second adventure with Stogie Boys thanks to Sheryl King. She told me she fell madly in love with me but was devastated when I told her I was no longer 25 and my fro was gone. I have hired a psychic to help heal her love wounds.

This is an interesting cigar. We are all familiar with the LFD Chisel Point but I’ve never seen it in on an inexpensive cigar like the RIOT.

It’s been raining and lots of thunderstorms all night long here in Milwaukee so no sun this morning for my photos. This is a shame because my crappy camera doesn’t do the cigar justice. It has a beautiful oily sheen with a mottled appearance and the color of dark hot chocolate. With a very toothy finish.

Construction surpasses the relative price point of the cigar. Averaging at $3 a stick, the cigar could pass for a $7-$9 stick just by its looks. Seams are tight. Lots of small veins. And absolutely perfect construction of that chisel cap. Flawless.

The trick to the chisel cap is to squeeze it ever so gently with thumb and forefinger from each end; lengthways. This is a real talent because if you squeeze too hard you will ruin it by cracking the cap. At this price, you can experiment with each cigar. And if you don’t get the knack, a cutter works just fine.



After squeezing the cap open, it lies naturally in your mouth like the liquor store cigars with the wood tips.

I open the cap and find aromas of dark, dark, chocolate. Decadent Willy Wonka chocolate. There is also cedar, sweetness, red pepper, buttery smoothness and a hint of exotic spice.
Time to light up.

The draw is spot on. Smoke pours from the foot.


Right away the RIOT 55 has a very Padron or LFD-like flavor. The red pepper builds. The cocoa is rich and delicious. The creaminess hangs back a bit. The strength hits a strong medium immediately. And the rich earthiness holds it all together.

But instead of paying $5-$9 a stick, you get away with murder with this price point.

I didn’t know what to expect from this cigar. Would I be shuffling through my catalog of polite excuses to send to the kind and generous online store that speaks of my inability to give the cigar a good review… and please don’t cut me off.

Or…will I enjoy the hell out of the cigar and my fingers will never touch the key on my laptop that says: “Death to the Katman.”

The stick keeps getting better and better. It has that primal earthiness that only a few brands can pull off successfully.
Here are the flavors: Deep, rich earthiness, dark chocolate, red pepper, creaminess, cedar, and ice cream.

Construction is dead nuts…just perfect. I am chomping on the chisel cap and it is no worse for the wear. The char line is spot on.

You should know that I am smoking this stick after only two weeks. This stick, my gut tells me, is going to be a monster with a month or two of humidor time on it.


The plan was that if it wasn’t ready to smoke, I’d skip the review until later. No need.

A couple weeks and I have a very nice cigar in my delicate, open maw.


The stick is heavy in the hand and is jam packed with tobacco. I have smoked ¾” and it’s taken me 20 minutes to do so.
I begin the second third.

New flavors come to the forefront: Coffee, orange peel, and cumin.


Manny Mota! The cigar is on the cusp of becoming a flavor bomb. Waves of flavors wash over my palate like sticking your face into a giant salt water taffy machine. I am literally wearing a babushka made of this flavor profile.

The strength goes for it and is a solid medium/full body with full body not far away. The red pepper is now almost habanero pepper.

That deep throated earthiness is kicking in. The creaminess is out of control and the chocolate makes me run to the fridge to grab a Diet Coke for my NYC egg cream experience.
egg cream


I cannot believe this stick is only around $3. This is just crazy. My favorite $3 stick was the La Aurora Escogido Natural. The RIOT has taken its place. This is a premium stick at its best and is so affordable you can buy 2 boxes instead of one. I am going to schmooze Sheryl because I want to buy a box of these.

The analogy of the stick being like a Padron or an LFD has changed permanently. It is now much more like an expensive LFD than a Padron. Everything is rich and earthy.

And we have flavor bomb status.

I am at the halfway point and the cigar should smoke faster from here on in because it is where the cigar tapers down to the chisel cap.

I want to sit back and just enjoy this stick without having to type. But I must adhere to the Cigar Reviewer’s Union mandate…and finish the review.

I notice that the wrapper seems to be very thick. Stogie Boys will only say that the wrapper is Maduro without the country designation. I’m sure that if the leaf stat ninjas stormed the Stogie Boys building, Sheryl will have a Glock in her top drawer to either fend off the cigar ninjas or use it on herself to protect the wrapper secret.
Her last words will be, “You scum cigar ninjas! You will never get the wrapper’s country origin out of me!” Blam!

The cigar settles into a nice complexity. Its balance is right on, man. Did you know I actually said, “That’s boss. That’s bitch’n. That’s groovy. That’s mellow, dude….” Back when I was a flower power child in the late 1960’s? Sometimes, I accidentally say some of those phrases now. People just stare at me with that thousand yard stare when I do.

I’m a good hour into the cigar and I am just past the halfway point about to enter the last third.

The strength hits full bodied. And surprisingly, no sign of the dreaded nicotine.

Black cherry enters the picture. It brings the orange peel to the surface once more.

The cigar comes in three sizes: RIOT 45 (4.5 x 52), RIOT 55 (5.5 x 54), and RIOT 65 (6.5 x 54). And all three sizes are Figurados.

And all sizes are around $3 or less by the box.

The last third begins after a smoking time of 90 minutes.

Here are the flavors: Earthiness, creaminess, cocoa, black cherry, exotic spice, coffee, cedar, orange peel, and something new I can’t get a hold of yet. It will come. I am smacking my lips to try and get that flavor and the dog is watching me and she begins licking her chops too. What I would give for a photo of that.

I got it. It is buttery shortbread with a touch of mint.

The cigar is absolutely buttery smooth at this point. It is like an exotic milk shake.

The cap is so rugged, that I have not had to clip it even once because I’m a chomper. And no one wants to see Uncle Katman’s drool in a photo for all posterity.

The cigar finishes out without a lick of nicotine. I don’t think I have experienced a full body cigar that doesn’t give me get the spins at the end. This is a first.

Don’t even think of lumping this cigar into the same category as the usual bundled cigars. Not only is not a bundle (except for the 50 count), it comes in a nice black box. Find another $3 cigar that does that.

I obviously highly recommend this cigar. I have zero criticisms. The construction was perfect from start to finish. Not a single touch up of the char line was required.

Thanks again to Sheryl and the good folks at Stogie Boys for sending me the RIOT 55.

And now for the surprise:

At the end of this review, in the comment section, you must tell me a cute or funny story about you and a cigar. It doesn’t have to be knee slapping funny. Just genuine and sincere. Or, if you are really brave, tell me something about yourself that no one else knows but you.

The winner will be chosen on Sunday, August 10 at 3pm CDT.

The winner will be posted at the top of this page. And must contact me within 72 hours. If I am not contacted within that time frame, a runner up will be chosen.

You can thank Sheryl King and the good folks at Stogieboys.com for their generosity.

Good luck everyone!





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