ACID Liquid

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Drew Estates' ACID brand has the perfect blend of flavors while using the finest tobaccos. Released in 1999 and now on of the worlds most popular brands, ACID introduced a new concept of fine cigars with flavor infusion.

Drew Estate uses a different recipe for each Acid cigar. They use a unique process that involves curing the filler tobaccos with natural botanicals, herbs, spices and oils. When the cigars are then wrapped with the finest wrapper leaves, they create very interesting and unique aromas and distinct flavors. These one of a kind cigars are highly coveted.

The ACID Liquid is part of the ACID Red cigar line and it is clearly the most powerful smoke they offer. These cigars are fiery and intense from beginning to end. The intensity emanates from the terrific blend of black tobaccos and the dark, oily maduro wrapper. It delivers bold flavors and a full bodied cigar experience.